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From solutions and training for all your digital needs!

Take stock of :

Security for your WordPress site!

your site's compliance with the RGPD (GDPR!)

the natural search engine optimisation (SEO) of your web page on Google!

collecting and analysing your data via Google Analytics!

your newsletter campaign!

optimising your Facebook page!

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with a face-to-face video...

The assurance of a fluid and productive exchange wherever you are!

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specific to your activity...

A targeted approach to better meet your expectations and needs!

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and attractive prices!

By combining automation with customised support!

A la carte" solutions tailored to your needs!

  • Pictogram for whom
    Who is it for? For the SMEs, communication departmentsASBLs and self-employed

    Who are looking for specific, practical solutions that can be put in place quickly.

  • Why pictogram
    Why is this? For strengthen your web presence and optimise your digital skills

    With tailor-made services and tried-and-tested tools, backed up by professional support.

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    How do we do it? Each solution is proposed in 4 formulas to choose from

    Perfectly adapted to your expectations, your digital profile and your need for autonomy.

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A digital approach for every need!

4 different formulas for each web solution: Which one will you choose?

  • professional advice pictogram

    Formula 1Professional advice over video

    We'll work with you to assess what you've put in place and answer any specific questions you may have.

  • pictogram practical exercise made to measure

    Formula 2Followed by a tailor-made practical exercise

    We'll work with you to put your specific case into practice. We'll send you an action plan to help you achieve your objective independently.

  • personalised coaching pictogram

    Formula 3Complete with personalised coaching

    We explain our feedback on your production. We'll work with you to find out more about your optimisation needs.

  • pictogram services provided by a web professional

    Formula 4Services provided by a web professional

    In a videoconference with you, we define and assess the scope of your project and its possibilities. You delegate to us the implementation of your chosen objective.

Your digital web and communications agency on a human scale, with over 25 years' experience!

C. Concept Luxembourg (Koerich, Windhof), web agency that's us! The happy creators of WISIO, an innovative practical solution the result of 24 years of sharing ideas and projects with our "formidable" customers...

Our recipe for help you achieve your goals We are committed to the following principles: ongoing training, keeping abreast of developments on the web, listening to you assiduously, taking your opinions into account while remaining a source of new ideas. All this, with a a good dose of creativity combined with the enthusiasm of seeing develop your business !

Want to find out even more? Great, it's over here!

Discover C. Concept
C. Concept logo Agence C. Concept, a delicious blend of technical expertise, creativity and enthusiasm!

How does it work?

Convinced by the idea of booking one of our web solutions by videoconference? Nothing could be simpler: just follow the guide below!

1. Service selection pictogram

Choice of service

Select the service that meets your needs from our catalogue.

2. Choice of formula pictogram

Choice of formula

Select the option that suits you best from the 4 on offer.

3. Pictogram for date and time selection

Selecting the date and time

Book your video appointment by selecting the date and time that suits you.

4. Form completion pictogram

Completing the form

Answer a few targeted questions to help you prepare for our meeting.

5. Payment and confirmation pictogram

Payment and confirmation

Pay directly online and receive a confirmation e-mail with what you need to prepare.

Find out more about our web solutions and book your appointment now!

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions or comments, contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions. What's more, thanks to you, we'll be expanding our FAQ and you'll be taking part in Wisio's SEO referencing. Thank you in advance for your good ideas 🙂

Why a FAQ (frequently asked questions and answers)?

To provide you with targeted answers to any questions you may still have... And to boost Wisio.lu's natural referencing. Did you know that an FAQ on your website is an asset for your search engine optimisation (SEO)? We invite you to discover how to take advantage of these benefits:

➡️ Create an engaging, SEO-friendly FAQ on my website!

Why Wisio?

True to our philosophy, we've always been keen to make using the web enjoyable, understandable and accessible for you, the professionals!

By solving targeted web problems, Wisio is part of our drive to make using the web profitable and fun! 🙂 ... What a great initiative, isn't it?

Who can benefit from Wisio services?

Wisio offers specific, practical and rapid solutions for SMEs, communications departments, not-for-profit organisations and the self-employed who are encountering web problems and are looking to resolve them effectively.

How do I choose the service package that's right for me?

Each user has their own digital profile and solution:

  • A few explanations and good practice are you satisfied? Opt for our formula 1 services!
  • Need a little training as a complement? Visit Formula 2 is for you!
  • The web for two, in co-creationand it's the formula 3 and his coaching which will delight you!
  • For you resolution is the goal; we take care of it with Formula 4! And you, what's your favourite way to solve your web problems 🙂

How are our videoconferences organised?

Each of our videoconferences takes place face-to-face: you and our expert specialising in the subject you have chosen.

Each stage is organised so that you have all the information you need at your fingertips specific to your needs. All our advice is "practical" and given with the sole aim of solving your web problems professionally and quickly... Every action has its own solution 🙂

When you book, you will automatically receive the Zoom connection link, which you simply need to click on. A 1st memo by email containing the link will be sent to you 1 day before our appointment. And the 2nd memo 2 hours before the appointment.

You'll see that everything is put in place to ensure that our meetings match up!

What can I do if I haven't found the service I'm looking for on Wisio?

If you haven't found the service you're looking for, we suggest you let us know by clicking on the button below. We thank you for your suggestion, which is not binding in any way!

Why book a quick consultation?

Do you have unanswered web questions?

  • Why doesn't my website work, or no longer works?
  • Why are my competitors ahead of me in Google?
  • Why are there fewer and fewer visits to my site?
  • Is my online shop compliant: does it comply with the rules and best practice?

Do you want to take action but don't know where to start?
Visit book a 1/2 hour video chat with one of our expertsWe'll help you identify the priority actions you need to take!

How many people can take part in the service?

In terms of participation and exchanges: only one person will take part in the formula. In order to guarantee a rapid and professional solution to the problem you have selected.

The participant in one of our services will be the same for the whole package.

Do you organise face-to-face sessions?

None of the formulas offered by Wisio include face-to-face services, in order to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

However, our web agency C. Concept web agency can provide you with a quote for face-to-face services at its training centre in Koerich (near Steinfort).

Do I have to pay VAT on my invoice?

Before payment, use your profile to enter your VAT status (taxable, non-taxable, intracom, etc.). This way, you will automatically receive a VAT invoice for Luxembourg companies and a VAT-exclusive invoice for companies benefiting from intra-Community VAT.

N.B.: You will need to re-encode your billing information to ensure that you receive a correct invoice immediately for each order.

How can I benefit from a discount?

There are several options available to you, valid for the entire Wisio site:

  1. When you subscribe to our newsletter for the first time, you will receive a voucher for 15%
  2. By subscribing to the newsletter, as well as receiving advice, you'll be notified when new services come on line and you'll benefit from an advantage for early bookings.
  3. By sponsoring a friend, relative or acquaintance, you benefit from each a reduction of 10%
  4. For any group purchase of 10 services, you will receive 15%. contact us

Is it possible to get a refund?


  1. Exclusively in the event of a proven failure by the Wisio team
  2. We reserve the right to refund the order for any reason that prevents us from completing it.


Our services offer rapid resolution of web issues, which is why, when you book an appointment :

  1. The time slot is blocked for you only and is therefore no longer available for sale.
  2. Based on the information you provide, the expert in charge of the subject prepares the meeting in advance, to ensure that our responses are relevant and effective.
  3. The withdrawal period between professionals is not a legal obligation

Can't find the answer to a question you're asking?

Visit Contact usWe'd be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

What's more, thanks to you, we'll be expanding our FAQ and you'll be taking part in Wisio's SEO referencing. Thank you in advance for your good ideas 🙂